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We have different styles that will match the look and theme of your place; visit us to take a look at our collection. Versatility, craftsmanship and beauty combined to make the perfect heat product for your home or office.  No matter what you prefer, our merchandise will look great and keep you and your family warm for years to come.  From Gas ( Inserts, Stoves, Fireplaces, Log sets), to Wood  (Inserts, Stoves, Fireplaces), to Electric ( Inserts, Stoves, Fireplaces). We can provide you with what ever you are looking for!  Take some time to visit our show room to take a closer look at our collection that is waiting for you.


Mendota (gas fireplaces, inserts, and electric-holographic inserts) see more:

Choosing a Mendota luxury fireplace feels like an indulgence as you gaze at the incredible, authentic fire or browse the array of designer fronts and doors. Then you realize the warmth, beauty and efficiency of your Mendota will be yours for a lifetime, and suddenly it feels like an investment. That's not just luxury—it's luxury where you live. 

Mendota gas fireplace
Mendota gas insert
Mendota gas insert

Majestic (gas fireplaces and inserts) see more:


Beyond just safe, reliable and attractive, Majestic products are built to be efficient, quality heating appliances, adding value to your home for years to come. That’s why, for decades, Majestic has been the fireplace of choice for homes across North America. We believe trust is earned, not given, and appreciate the faith you’ve shown in our brand for over 100 years.

Majestic gas linear fireplace
Majestic gas fireplace
Majestic gas insert

Regency (gas, wood, electric fireplaces, inserts and stoves)see more:


Regency strives to be a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of hearth products. Every day each of us employs EXCITE™ (Exercising Continuous Improvement Towards Excellence)* in all of our processes assuring we are meeting the needs of our customers. We believe in the four cornerstones of great fireplace products: high quality, good value, clean burning efficiency, and beautiful aesthetics.  

Regency gas insert
Regency gas fireplace
Regency wood insert

Vermont Castings (wood inserts, and stoves) see more:


Each Vermont Castings product is produced with precision, attention to detail and a deep-rooted pride in our heritage and craft. For over 35 years, Vermont Castings has been committed to providing beautiful products with iconic style and superior heating efficiency. As we move forward, we continue to offer thoughtfully designed hearth systems and the latest innovations that answer your needs. From our green manufacturing process to EPA certified models, Vermont Castings has you, your home and the environment in mind.

Vermont Castings wood insert
Vermont Castings wood stove
Vermont Castings wood stove

Morso wood burning stoves are renowned for their impeccable Danish design and eco-friendly operation. Therese stoves, crafted from premium cast iron, boast a timeless elegance with their clean lines and large viewing windows, allowing for a full display of the comforting flames.

Morso wood stove
Morso wood stove
Morso wood stove

Amantii's electric fireplaces and inserts are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a stylish, energy-efficient, and easy to use product that provides a realistic flame effect and customizable ambiance

Amantii  electric insert
Amantti electric insert
Amantii electric insert
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